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Tech Issues

Quick install

BG3 got released while I was on vacation, and I had already a game of Solasta running. So I decided to finish Solasta first. But because downloading, installing and setuping everything takes time, I started doing that.


And without even realizing, I was starting the game, and already liking the attention to details.


Oh, is that Balduran? And what is this huge tower?


Oh my, this is a temple to Bhaal, so there will be some continuity from BG1 and BG2?


There is the same option in Solasta. I'm unsure if I want that. This seems a good way to exploit the randomness, so I'll keep it.


I'll play my first game as Balanced, to be able to explore fully, while having fun in combats. If playing as Tactician yields better loot, I might do that, though.

As an aside, I like the fact that the Companions are few, with very interesting storylines, and you can choose to play with their POV. I never really liked the BG Companions and preferred to build either my own team, or play solo. But here, as you can respec anyone, it means I can play with the characters whose storyline I like, while respecing them to the class I want.

One hour later I have Maleek, my Warlock Duergar ready. I only started the game to be able to have a save file. I will actually play later.

Character Creation

I actually had a few errands to make, so one hour later I'm back at my desk to finally start playing. I have about 1.5h in front of me. Let's at least recreate my character.


I'm gonna be The Dark Urge.


There are Bhaal signs on the floor. I'm still going to be one of the Child of Bhaal, one that has a dark urge to kill. I can play it a bit like Rand al'Thor in the WoT, fighting against the taint of Saidin, but weilding powerful magic.


I'm going with Eldritch Blast for the damage, and Friends for the speaking.


I need to pick between Fiend (gaining HP when killing monsters), Great Old One (Critical Hit can frighten targets) or Archfey (Charm or Frighten close creatures). I was tempted by the Great Old One, as I expect that I'll be casting a lot of Eldritch Blasts, it might proc often. But I'm wary it will proc too often, and send enemies running everywhere and be the opposite of crowd control. Thematically I like the Great Old One or the Fiend (they feel like dark presences). I don't really like the Fey from the theme POV.

I like that I can charm as an action, without using a spell. I remember playing PoE2 with a Cipher that was charming everyone and it was a lot of fun, but I'm wary this spell won't scale well.

Going with the Fiend is nice for survivability, I gain HP by killing people (nice flavor as well). Great Old One is a double edge sword, it will scale well, but I'm not sure I want to send people running away from me. Fey I don't like thematically, and I don't think it will scale well.

So I'll be going with the Great Old One I think, because it also give me Dissonant Whispers (3d6 damage, save for half) and Tasha's Hideous Laughter (Creature is Prone for 10 turns, WIS save).


And I went ahead and created Naeblys.


Rough morning.


My first roll.


At least it's not a Critical Failure.


First fight, and first impressions. The distance meter is great, it changes from the square based of Solasta.


It also gives me a percentage chance of hitting? How is it possible? 95% means only a critical failure will fail, but does that mean I can know the create AC?


Ah yes I can. Right click => Examine and I have everything I need to know. That's so great to get to know monsters for table top games.


So my action bar is filled with Actions, Bonus Actions and Cantrips. They light up or are grey based on if I have used them. I can see a lot of care in the UI.


Apparently she can jump 3m as a bonus action. Is that a class feature or can anyone do that?

Understanding the UI, step by step

I did play a little bit more, but was so taken into the game that I forgot to write anything down. Tonight, I'm playing again, from the moment the Nautiloid crashed. I'm going to focus on understanding the action bar, and the loot, and items, etc.


So, I want to understand this bar and make it work the best for me.


First one is the Inventory, where I can also equip my character and see their stats.


There are in it even three tabs. Equipment, Spellbook and Alchemy. I remapped the keys to open it to I, O and P, as they follow each other on the keyboard.


I can see my XP-o-meter here. I still need to figure out what gives XP (completing quests? Killing monsters? For example, in PoE2, killing monsters does not grant XP). And how is the XP divided in a group. Would having a group of 4 mean every XP gain is divided by 4 (so levelling is slower) or is equally attributed to each member (so group levelling is faster)?


I'm a Duergar, I used to be enslaved by Illithid, so this will be reflected in my roleplay as me either wanted to get back to them and destroy them, or me being jealous of their power and wanting a piece of it. I don't yet know, we'll see.


Someone, or something, from far beyond is giving me powers. I imagine it as me being able to tap into a source of magic that nobody else has managed to discover, giving me special abilities and the sensation that I'm some kind of "Chosen". Me being reading the Wheel of Time right now did influence that aspect a lot.



Dwarven gives me Poison Resistance, that's interesting to keep in mind. If I have AoO Poison spells, I won't be as affected as others.


I can see further in the dark than other races with Darkvision, which might grant me some interesting advantage in opening fight from people that couldn't see me.


I have Opportunity Attacks, but I guess everybody does.


I can make creature flee when I Critical Hit them. I'll have to see how I can increase my chances of Critical Hits.


I can use the typical Dwarven weapons. I don't expect to be doing much melee, but if I found some that I can throw that could be interesting.


I also have natural resistance against Charm and Paralysed. That's nice, thematically, because those are spells I'd like to be weaving myself.


I can wear Light Armor, good to keep in mind. Everything Leather is fine.


Clicking on a piece of equipement lists all alternatives I can wear. This is a nice QoL UI.


The only other one I have is a simple robe, that grants one less AC point. I can also see their price and weight. I'll have to be wary of that, and see what items have the best weight/price ratio when looting corpses.


I can even move the little suggestion window to put it where I like, and it remember its position for next time. This is another very very nice QoL thing.


Right clicking on an item bring a large contextual menu.


Equip put it on the floor, where I can pick it up again. Once on the ground it doesn't seem to have any collision atttached, so I don't think I can use that to pile lots of loot to jump on top, or block enemies from coming.


Actually, after having closed the Inventory and re-opened it again, it seems that the little floating window did re-appear at its initial position. Nevermind what I said about the QoL here.


I apparently can also throw stuff pretty far. I wonder if this is somehow linked to my STR score. My STR is pretty low and I already feel the throwing distance is pretty good.


I went to pick up the item I throw, and looted the corpse near to it at the same time, and a cutscene played where Naeblys was happy to stand near a dead body.

Speaking of moving it seems that simple or double click make him move to where I click. I haven't found a way to dash or move slowly yet.


Pressing Ctrl brings the range weapon selection.


Pressing Shift bring the light indicator, telling me if an area is Bright Light, Dim Light or Dark.


I bound Backspace to Tactical View, so I could see the battlefield from above.


Back to the UI. I can add an item to either the Items or Custom hotbar.


The Items one seems to be the one on the far right. Interesting. It allows me to quickly change gear directly from the game, without having to go into the inventory. That's nice.


Adding to Custom though, I'm not sure where it goes.


There is a Custom tab for sure at the bottom, but I don't know how to display it along with the other main red one.


The main one seems to only display Common / Warlock (empty right now) / Items.


I can increase the number of rows, but I haven't found a way to add a fourth column to this main view. Maybe I'll need to have my own custom one and stay on this one?


I also realize I have a Reaction that seems enabled.


And true enough, there is an area in the Spellbook UI where I can check Reactions that I want active or not, and check if I want them to automatically apply or ask. I'll put it in Ask mode because sometimes I might not want to trigger it (for example if it would break my stealth).


I added a bunch of items to my Custom bar, to see how the keyboard shortcuts were lay out. In the default size, they are all lay out on one line.


But once you increase the layout size, it all goes weirdly. Maybe I'll be able to live with only the first layout.


Examine gives me a 3D view of the element, some flavor text and more info. Maybe for magical loot there will be background story about the items, like in the previous games. I liked reading them; I even made a website to list them all.


Add To Wares marked it with a little symbol. I assume this means that I'll have a dedicated UI to sell it later. This is a nice touch, being able to mark items as loot for selling later VS loot to keep. I would like to have a simple keypress to do it though, but couldn't find one in the menu. I can still Ctrl-Click to select multiple items though, and send them all to Wares.


Sending to Camp automatically send it to a magical chest. It means I don't need to worry about a mule and can send to camp whatever I look the moment I loot it?


I can also see I have gold. When I saw that icon, I imagined that they would use the Gold/Silver/Copper coin system, but it seems everything has been simplified to Gold Coin. Which is, IMO, much better.


Inspiration points, that are usually given by the DM, are now awarded when completing Background Goals. Ok, that's good.


But this, I don't get. Do I need to handle rations to rest?


This part I don't understand. I have Overclothes, Overboots and Underwear? What are they used for? Can I have magical underwear?


I can also wear a necklace, two rings, a light source and a musical instrument.


I'm not very good at sports, nor at roguish stuff. This is usually what I prefer doing in videogames: running fast and stealing things. I'll have to have a Companion do that for me instead.


I'm much better at talking, seeing things and mainly being scary.


I'm so happy the Weight is displayed in kg and not lbs. I have no idea what 160lbs represents, but know what 160kg is.


This is what I can use.


In the spellbook, I can see my spells. I would have rather have larger icons for spells, it's hard to distinguish them here. I can see I can change some spells on level up, but I can't change my cantrip. I'll have to play a bit to see if Friends is a good one or not.


I can drag and drop spells from here to put them in my custom bar, which is good. But I couldn't find how to add the range attack in the bar, yet.


Oh, nevermind, it's in the next tab, the Common one. This is nice. All my actions are available through icons here, and I can place them where I want. Nice!


Wait, seems like I can also add anything (spell or item) to the "Common" bar. How is it different from the Custom one, then?


Oh I see, I can trigger the shortcuts from the Custom bar even when the custom bar is not displayed. So I can press 9 in my case and have the Eldritch Blast selected. Ok, I understand. I'll use the main Common bar for play through click and bind shortcuts for my most used in the Custom one.


Hmm, and I can also move stuff from one column to another without any restriction of if it's Common / Warlock / Items. I might just use that as a guide, but I can do whatever I want actually.


I examined my Camp Supplies and I found that the supplies are Resistant to Piercing, Necrotic and Radiant damage as well as Immune to Psychic and Poison one. This is a bit weird. I don't really understand where those resistances are coming from. But the icon system is nice. I might re-use it for some of my websites.


And there is also a whole Crafting part, to create Potions, Poisons and Weapon Coatings.


Those are the four things I can craft at the start of the game. I couldn't find a way to get more detailed information about what they each do (how much to they heal or damage, for example)

And this is it for tonight. I've understand the Action Bar, the inventory and some of the configuration screens. I don't yet know what all my items do, nor I have tried the spells in more details, nor explored the mini-map, but this will be for tomorrow.

Going to camp?


I clicked on a button that said "Go to Camp" in my UI and it teleported me away from the crash site. I might have skipped some tutorial lines in here maybe.

Got to interrupt that session soon.

Shadowheart and Astarion. Two deaths

As I didn't save I'm back on the beach. Ok, I'll explore that camp another time, then.


I recruited Shadowheart. She seem to not share the money purse with me, as she has 0 gold, and 80 supplies.


She is from the Trickery Domain, which is awesome because I have hesitated creating a Trickery Cleric myself.


As a Half-Elf, she can see in the dark, but to a lesser extent that what I can do.


She fears Wolves. That's a nice flavor thing; the kind of random silly thing that you can have in a tabletop. The kind of little "Hey DM, I give you this little edge over my character. Can I have a similarly cool flavorful bonus in exchange?"


Another one with advantage against Charm, she fits well in the group.


She has a headband that I could sell for some profit.


Her armor gives her base 13AC, and +2 max from DEX, while my Padded one as a base 11AC, but no maximum on the DEX bonus. Naeblys have a shitty DEX, so no big deal. Shadowheart has +1.

I'll probably make Shadowheart my tank in battle. She also mentioned that we need a healer; coming from a Priest I assume she won't be a very good healer herself.


She is to be used for History and Religion. Insight and Medicine she's also good.


She can use a bit more weapons than Naeblys.


As for spellbook, if I understand that correctly she has 3 Cantrips and one Class Action. The spells next to the infinity spell doesn't mean she can cast them as much as she wants, but that she doesn't need to prepare them and always have them available as long as she has a spell slot available.

Then it's her prepared spells, and full available list layered by level.


She has Guidance as a Cantrip, +1d4 to each check early level it's pretty interesting.


Sacred Flame is also a reliable range damage.


Resistance why not, but I don't think I'm going to use that one much.


Advantage on Stealth once I'll have a Rogue will be great.


Charm Person looks pretty similar to Friends (adding for comparison). Both give Advantage on CHA checks. Both can trigger a negative reaction to the target. But Friends is a Cantrip, works against all creatures, not only Humanoids and can be used while silenced. Charm Person only advantage is in combat, to prevent the target from attacking me (but they make their check with disadvantage).

In theory, Friends is better, but I might have to try both in reality.


Disguise self is fun, it doesn't even seem to have a time limit.


She's still a healer and have two healing spells. Cure Wounds is the most potent, but only work on Touch. Healing Word is less healing, but work at a distance, and as a Bonus Action.


Inflict Wounds is a lot of damage, but requires a Melee hit and is lost if the hit does not land. I would like to try that on a character that has a high chance of hitting, like on a Rogue with Sneak Attack. Are the 3d10 of damage doubled in case of a Critical Hit?


And Guiding Bolt is still the MVP of the lvl1 Cleric spells. Range attack that does 4d6 Radiant, and next attack on the target has advantage. I can even upcast it at higher levels.


+2AC with Concentration, that could be interesting on her as a Tank.


Bane is -1d4 on all Attack Rolls and Saves for up to 3 creatures. This is pretty powerful, especially if I plan on landing other spells that require a Saving Throw. But it's Concentration. Bless is the opposite, with +1d4 to friends, which might actually be more powerful at low levels.


Command I think I'll prepare soon. I don't really care about the move options so far (unless there is a way to Command a large creature and block smaller ones from moving). But forcing an opponent Prone is interesting, as well has having them drop their weapon, especially if they obviously seem to be magical.


Hmm. Not sure what usage I'll have from that, but I will need to try.


Two more protection spells. PEG adds disadvantage on all attacks from Elementals, Fey, Fiends, Undead, Aberrations and Celestials. I can see that pretty useful against Undeads that I'm sure we'll encounter soon. It lasts until a Long rest, so it's a long-running buff.

Sanctuary is more interesting. It says I cannot be targeted unless I attack or harm a creature. I wonder how it interacts with dialogue triggers, spellcasting and such. Can I steal something under Sanctuary? It looks like some kind of lower level Invisibility spell. I will definitely need to test the limits of it.


What, she also has a Firebolt as another Cantrip. That's very good.


Every type of damage on weapons also seem to have a one-per-short-rest special attack. Bludgeoning can prevent Reactions (and remove DEX bonus to AC), while Piercing on adds bleeding (nice to make casters lose concentration)


I can also change the size of the bar per character, it's not a global thing, which is good.


Ok, I've played enough with the UI and feel comfortable, I can now explore.


By picking up some flower along the way, it seems that I unlocked a new recipe. Does it mean I discover the recipes as soon as I have one of the ingredients, or does it mean I'll have to hoard ingredients forever until I find the right recipe?


I picked a letter, and could read it. Good, there will still be lots of reading to do.


Ah good, the tutorial also told me so.


I can see a tooltip about Blood. Does it mean I can interact with it? With the Create and Destroy Water maybe?


Interestingly enough, I can cast a Firebolt to a Bucket of Fish, but can't cast a Sacred Flame to the same Bucket of Fish.


Eldritch Blast can also be directed to inanimate objects.


I could also pick up a book of sea shanties. Not sure if it's just flavor or needed for a quest? But it's 14 gold, so I'll take it.


It seems that the game would allow me to jump to my death. Interesting.


Got some Thieves Tools. They do break on a failed attempt. 25 gp each, that makes you think about the worthiness of trying your luck at opening every chest.


So I have enough to build a Suspension of Mergrass. Let's see what it does.


Creating a suspension also unlocked a new Recipe. Interesting. So whenever I obtain an ingredient that can be used in a recipe, it unlocks the recipe. This is a very elegant way of handling recipes in a game.


Oh, I can add my own waypoints and teleport to places I've already been to? I like those little QoL that make you not waste too much time.


It seems to have an in-game explanation as well, with some strange sigil on the wall, that allows me to teleport there.


It seems that any 3 ingredients can be transformed into an Ash, Sublimate, etc. And each crafting recipe needs a specific of those and one of another category. This is pretty simple to understand, I like that. Anyway, I'll just pick up everything. I don't usually use Crafting much in games, but I'll give this one a try and see if I can find some interesting potions or poisons.


There is also an ancient door with probably a small dungeon behind. I'm going to keep exploring first, and I'll come back here later. I can always teleport back anyway.


I attacked a group of Intellect Devourer though, and they hit hard (or I'm still too squishy, your choice). The UI displays a 85% hit chance with my melee weapon, and a 90% with disadvantage with the Eldritch Blast. I wonder if the 90% is including the DIS, or for each hit. It think it's including the DIS, has with by high CHA and the monster low AC, I miss only on a Critical Miss (which is 95% hit chance), so the 90% is if I miss both times.


Oh wait, I can Shove as a bonus action? I can even Jump or Dip. I assume Jump would trigger an AoO, but maybe Shove would allow me to then move without incurring one myself?


Ok, it seem to have worked, I moved the Intellect Devourer back by kicking it.


I moved away, so he would have to go through Shadowheart to get to me, which he did, and it allowed me to get the AoO on it.


That wasn't enough and I'm now down. Rough first fight.


Ok. I died on my first fight. That was rough (but fun). Let's do it again.


Ok, this time I got the surprise round, which will give me more time to act. I also added some AC on Shadowheart, and plan on having her tank, and Naeblys kill from range.

I was looking for the Dodge and Ready actions, but they do not seem to be included in the bg3 homebrew. Dodge gives DIS on attack rolls against the creature, and Ready allow to do something when an enemy get into range. I'll have to do without them.


I critical hit one of them (I was trying to select them for my Hex, but I instead fired a bolt at it). This made me realize Frightened doesn't mean they will run away, but that they cannot move and have DIS on ability checks and attack rolls which is MUCH BETTER. This means they are less of a threat, and I can land my spells more easily on them.


Acting next to each other, mean I can swap their order. I like the UI change in the initiative tracker. This is so nicely done.


I killed the monster on which I had finally cast Hex (I set it to WIS but I should have set it to DEX as Sacred Flame is on DEX). And I can re-apply it without expending another spellslot. This is so great, I thought it was only once per fight, but I can move it around. I love that.


I managed to dip my crossbow in fire, so I will do 1d4 more damage. If I critical hit, it will be 2d4, this is pretty powerful.


6 base, 2 Fire because of the Dip, and 1 for the Hex.


Even outside of combat I can still re-apply Hex. That's OP.


I can pick corpses and throw them away? Interesting.


I can also pick their corpses up and keep them in my inventory, what? They have no selling value so what will I do with them, throw them away on monsters?


I can pickup a corpse, and loot it later. Interesting. I wonder if the corpse weight more with the loot or not. Maybe I can use a corpse as a container?


Yes I can. I'm using a dead Intellect Devourer as a container bag. I might put all my stuff for selling into it, to not clutter the inventory. It still weight a bit (20 something), but it's interesting.


There is a weird canister on the floor, and I had a message about dangerous surfaces. I'm going to put it on fire from afar.


Ah, oh. Apparently I wasn't far enough on the ledge above...


Reloading the game is taking some time though. I'll try to count next time, but I think it's ~30s.


Found a potion of speed, which is IMO pretty powerful.


As well as something to throw. There seem to be so many different things you can do. I'll put stuff in my quick access inventory and try this out, this is so fun.


I love the details on the map, that they look like real D&D maps, with the squares.


I met Astarion, the rogue that will join my little party.


And this is Astarion. I can level up everyone, but I'll wait to first know more about what he can do before levelling him up.


He is wearing the same armor as myself. Same name, same price, same stats. But definitely different skin. I'll take his. Well, no, actually I like mine better.




At least he has Darkvision.


Same resistance to Charm. He's part of our group.


Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand and Stealth. Ok, he will be our scout.


I'm trying to have him Dual Wield the Rapier and Dagger, but it doesn't seem to work. Maybe it's something for higher levels?


So he can Sneak Attack. The explanation of the conditions for the Sneak Attack are well explained. Either you have ADV, or target is flanked and you don't have DIS.


He also has Firebolt. Great!


He can reduce movement speed.


Put someone off-balance. It's a bonus action, and if it works, it gives him a chance to make a Sneak Attack for two turns. This can be useful, especially if I have an Hex of DEX on the target. I can only do it once per Short Rest, though.


Or I can give DIS to the attacking creature, but this time as an action. Flourish is the best here.


I can Pickpocket a boar? I'd like to see that.


Failed, no shit.


Sneak Attack works from hiding, I had forgotten that. Attacking from hiding gives ADV, so also the Sneak Attack.


Chest are not highlighted when I press Tab, that's too bad. Maybe I missed some.


I realized I can climb on, and even pick up the chest?


This weight 10kg, which is less than my intellect Devourer, but still heavy. I wonder what use I could find for having chests with me?


I think I kinda bugged a game somehow. I put Shadowheart artifact in the Intellect Devourer, but now I can't get it out. I can drop the Intellect Devourer, but that would mean I'll lose the artifact. I cannot loot it from the container, nor move it to my inventory. Well, I guess now it's canon, Shadowheart uses an Intellect Devourer to carry her most cherished possessions.


I found a pouch (200g) and a backpack (1kg) on the floor. I'm going to use them to keep my inventory organized. I wonder if the pouch has a size limit or if I can fit armors and weapons in it.


Someone wants me to give a hand.


As a Warlock, with high CHA bonus and Guidance, I managed to fail a DC7 check... Let's use Inspiration.


Ok, this time it worked.


And, welcome Gale.


How come he has 246 camp supplies? Oh wait, it seems to be shared. I thought in a previous screenshot characters had different ones? Oh I understand, when I recruited Shadowheart she had 80 supplies, and I had 40, so I assumed we didn't share the supply inventory, but it was actually a shared one and her 40 supplies were added to mine.

Gold isn't shared though.


He has a staff with 27 small lines carved on it. Is that people he killed?


Even with his low 8 STR, him being human gives him a decent carrying capacity.


He'll be my INT guy. Shadowheart is WIS, Naeblys CHA, Astarion DEX and Gale is INT. I don't need a CON (as there are no CON-based skills), but I'm lacking a STR one.


8HP, I'll have to be very careful about that glass canon.


As everyone around here, he has a Firebolt.


He also has Ray of Cold for slightly less damage, but movement reduction.


But he has Mage Hand, that I think will open up a lot of possibilities. I might be shoving people, or throwing stuff with it.


I can "recover spell slots" while out of combat. I wonder how it works.


He knows Mage Armour that gives base AC13 and DEX bonus, and is not Concentration, but lasts until next long rest. Nice to put on him.


Grease to make creature prone. I'll have to test. Prone makes it harder to hit with range weapons, but easier with melee. But I assume the Grease will also affect my own characters, so I might not want to go into melee myself.


This Blinds creatures in it, so attacks against have ADV. But their own attacks have DIS. This means that two creatures in Blindness attack normally is it cancels it out. This also prevent any Sneak Attack I think, as it means the attacker can't get advantage because he is blinded, and he can't also benefit from attacking a flanked creature as he will have DIS himself. I don't think I can use that to help Astarion, unless I do range sneak attacks.

But maybe I can use it to block Line of Sight and get to places undetected?


Sleep might put some creatures out of combat, but I think it will only on low level creatures. They seem to have set the HP to a hardcoded 24 points, not a roll result, so it might give more reliable results. As soon as I know a creature has less than 24HP, I can put them out of combat.


2d8 Thunderdamage around him, and can shove them away. Usually if creatures gang up around me, it's already too late. I will most probably not use that one.


Deals 1d12 Lightning every turn. If it's like Hex and I change the target whenever it dies, it might be interesting. Otherwise, as it's Concentration I might have a better use with another spell.


Oh I found the Arcane Recovery. I can recover one spell slot out of combat, once per Long Rest. I assume it will increase at each level up.


The mage hand can be dismissed, move, shove, throw and hide.


Oh, but it's once every short rest. Not infinite like other Cantrips. Interesting balance in place. I can understand that. I didn't get the chance to try it much. Next time I'll switch to Turn Based mode to test it.


Astarion got put down by two Goblin arrows. I wonder if I can shove him down the stone stairs for other to help him, or if it will hurt him. There is only one way to find out.


The good news is that it didn't hurt him. The bad news is that it didn't move him very far.


Wait someone throw a healing potion to him, and that healed him because the throw failed. What if it had not failed, would it have hurt him instead?


I cast Hex on the Goblin, then shoved him away with a scroll of Thunderwave. It correctly moved him away, but didn't add the bonus damage from Hex. Is that because it was an AoE?


I killed the Worg Gale had Witch Bolted. It cancelled the Witch Bolt and I couldn't move it around. So less interesting than Hex, I might use other spells instead.


I moved Astarion from where he was on the right of Gale to the left of him, and it seems like it used my action, instead of using my movement. Now I have all my movement left, but I can't fire my Sneak Attack. I don't understand what happened.


The Sleep UI is great. I can select several creatures and add their HP total until I have no more (max 24). At this stage of the battle, I could target everyone.


This gives me advantage on attacking the sleeping goblin at range. I would have thought I had DIS because he was prone, not ADV.


Got my first magical loot. That's great, it means we'll have A LOT of magical items here and there. This is one is a simple one with a Skill bonus, and a minor flavor effect.


They invited me inside, I think I'm going to need a good short rest, so let's do this.


There are weird circles on the ground. Not sure what they are suppose to mean. An invisible NPC?


Oh, they disappeared.


Wait, there is a whole hidden grove in here? Don' start exploring now Tim, you need to rest first.


When I remove spells before going to bed, they are also removed from my action bar. I don't really like that...


Haha, Gale is using Mirror Image to look at himself. This is such a great flavor use of the spell.


I got an item in camp to change color of my clothing. Interesting, I'll keep that for ugly clothes.